Friday, January 8, 2010

New Dept. of Ecology Stormwater Permit Requirements

News Update!
Effective as of January 1, 2010 Washington State Department of Ecology has new Stormwater Permit requirements. Go to the following link and left click on the NEW! PERMIT on the right side

I have been busy helping my clients, assuring that they are in compliance with the new DOE Stormwater Regulations.

The first order of business is to review the SIC classifications in Table I on page 6 and Table 3 on page 26 to determine whether the stormwater permit requirements apply to you.

If you fall under these requirements remember that until you make application for a permit your monitoring data is not reportable. This brings up the second order of business.

If you fall under the stormwater permit requirements, you may wish to conduct initial monitoring immediately and qualify and quantify any potential issues. Typically, the larger part of solving any stormwater issue is knowing what and how much is in your discharge.

It is important to remember that these requirements will be new for many businesses.

Don't ignore the inevitable. Allow the Close Group to assist you.

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