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OSHA 300 Due February 1, 2010

That's Right,

It's again time to summarize your workplace injury and illness data on the OSHA Form 300-A, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses and prepare to post February 1 thru April 30.

For a copy of OSHA's Form 300-A Summary of Work-Related Injury and Illnesses go to:

For the WAC 296-27 Recordkeeping and Reporting Standard and the OSHA 300-A Recordkeeping Summary requirements go to:

There are four (4) requirements for posting the summary:

  1. You must review the OSHA 300 Log for completeness and accuracy. NOTE: (this is a great time to make necessary corrections on the 2009 Log or any other Log of the past five (5) years as required by the Regulation.)
  2. Fill out the 300-A Summary Form
  3. You must certify 300-A Summary
  4. You must post conspicuously the 300-A Summary 2/1/2010 thru 4/30/2010

I recommend adding an incident rate to the summary if your Company has multiple facilities or job sites. It is great for general knowledge and for a topic at a safety meeting. Employees should know where they are on the corporate playing field regarding injury and illness statistics.

Also keep in mind that you are required to:
  • Provide an employee or former employee who worked at the facility (site) or their personal representative a copy of the OSHA 300 Log or 301 Incident Report by the end of the next business day. (Exceptions exist for "privacy concern cases")
  • Record cases involving hearing loss resulting in Recordable Threshold Shifts as specified in the Standard's Non-Mandatory Appendix A--Age adjustment calculations for comparing audiograms for recording hearing loss
Yes, you're right, I threw that last bullet in just to see if you were paying attention. However I do recommend using Appendix A as allowed by the Standard.

Lastly, remember that these OSHA Logs must be retained for a minimum of five (5) years.

Here is to a great New Year 2010,

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